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The characters you fell in love with in Denial of Conscience have charted a new course five months after the dramatic rescue of Thomas Bennet in Marrakech. This BONUS NOVELETTE: Guilty Conscience brings us six vignettes as we await the sequel to the first book in the Conscience Series. It is not a stand-alone piece and, to fully appreciate, reading Denial of Conscience is suggested.

Questions such as: What is married life like for newlyweds Fitzwilliam and Liz Darcy after their whirlwind romance in Denial of Conscience?  Can the protective Darcy give his new wife wings to fly without holding on too tight? Can the newly freed Liz learn to compromise after being essentially imprisoned at Longbourn? You’ll also get a glimpse into what the future may bring this couple in Without a Conscience.  Does danger lurk around the corner? Although Iceman has retired from Obsidian and trains polo ponies, could he be drawn back into black ops?

Never fear, Without a Conscience is just around the corner and then you will be on the ride of your life, right beside Iceman and Liz. Until then, enjoy this 11,000-word glimpse into your favorite modern Austen characters’ lives.

Author note: This is an original, epilogue-esque continuance of Denial of Conscience. It is not a continuation or variation of Pride and Prejudice but instead borrows Jane Austen’s beloved characters to continue my tale of deep love and daring adventure. And, yes, there is sex. :)


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